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A mountain resort does more than offer skiing: it is a complex of services both winter and summer that cater to the recreational needs of millions of outdoor enthusiasts. In size, they range from small community facilities up to huge destination resort communities with international clienteles.

The market consists of the mountain resorts and the touring centers of North America. The key decision-makers and decision-influencers in this market are responsible for highly sophisticated lift systems, multi-million dollar snowmaking systems, fleets of modern slope-grooming equipment, ticketing systems and comprehensive access control.
They are volume feeders, catering to the food and beverage needs of 57 million skier and snowboarder visits a season. And that doesn’t include all the cross-country and snowshoe activity. They are in the retail business with ski and snowboard shops, and in the lodging and real estate business with housing and condominium sales and operations. They gross millions annually in equipment rentals. Many operate year-round and offer a vast range of summer attractions.


SAM magazine is the professional trade publication for the mountain resort market. It is a bi-monthly, all-paid circulation publication. It is wholly independent, working closely with all trade associations, but the official organ of none.


Ski Area Management’s circulation is 100 percent paid. Additional unpaid distribution is made at important industry conventions, at both the national and regional level. Market penetration is comprehensive, circulating as it does to virtually all North American ski areas. SAM goes not only to owner/managerial level, but also to supervisors, foremen and other decision-influencers. Pass-along readership within the ski area operations is a major multiplier of the magazine’s reach—for example 26% of SAM subscribers pass their copy along to five or more other readers. The significant pass-along rate is a good indicator of the interest and value of SAM to its readers, as well as the degree to which it gets read extensively in all departments throughout the resorts.

The magazine enjoys considerable paid circulation overseas, with subscribers in Australia, New Zealand, South America, Japan and Korea, and to more than a dozen European ski regions.


Now in its 50th year under the same ownership and editorship, Ski Area Management is an industry institution—a forceful, respected presence and an influential voice. The editorial authority and credibility of SAM creates a unique and powerful climate for any advertiser wishing to reach and sell the ski resort industry. “I saw it in SAM” is always heard about products promoted on its advertising pages.